An item of luxury is well designed and perfectly manufactured, utilizing only the finest materials and fashioned from moments of creativity and inspiration. It is something long-lasting, at times rare, yet always valuable. Purchased in the past, one carries it with confidence towards the future for its beauty and quality have bestowed unto it a long life. Sometimes iconic, often timeless, it is all the more stylish for having been loved, and all the more elegant for it envelopes those everlasting masterly classic qualities. 

When acquired through Re-Vogue, a luxury item is inspired by new life. Whether shoes, bags, luggage, or accessories, Re-Vogue breathes excitement into these items of luxury through a unique online sales facility and supported by our modern and fashionably designed office/showroom in Dubai.

Each item consigned with Re-Vogue has been meticulously selected. When purchasing or agreeing to sell an item, Re-Vogue is careful to ensure a perfect state of preservation and its authenticity has been validated by experts. Re-Vogue scrutinizes the origin of the item as well as the quality of its craftsmanship. This is accomplished using a rigorous approach and highly demanding auction-house standards. Through the expert appraisal of each item and by providing secure and transparent transaction management, Re-Vogue thereby guarantees a seamless and smooth transition from one owner to the next. Seamless, secure…simply sensational.

Re-Vogue…Moving Luxury Forward

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